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It’s Your Party, You Can Braff if You Want To

Be the host with the most when you have Screenshot Interactive at your birthday party. The full-sized Magic Mirror and Mobile Magic Mirror both have a super sleek interface that’ll have your guests thinking you spared no expense when it comes to making their night a night to remember (never mind that with customisable options we’re bound to find a package to suit your budget, we promise we won’t tell).

Forget loot bags and swag bags, and instead give your guests an experience they won’t easily forget. After a few photo sessions with you, the main attraction, then they’ll be able to relive the memory over and over every time they look at their customised souvenir photo strips! Plus, with our digital captures, available upon request, they can share memories of the night on all their social media platforms.

Just don’t forget to choose a great hashtag if you want to keep track of everyone’s posts!


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