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Getting the Biggest Bang For Your Brand Marketing Buck

Do you really think those branded mugs and water bottles are worth the investment? I mean, realistically, how many can one household have before they start to throw away your hard fought branding materials? Or T-Shirts? Often ill-fitting and unflattering and, let’s face it...deep down you know they’re only destined to become gym clothes or sleepwear.

That’s why we’re all about capturing the moment, a screenshot in time, if you will. Helping brands give customers an interactive experience worth remembering, and a custom, branded souvenir photo strip so they can look back fondly on the experience. Whether you’re doing an intimate gathering at the office, like Nestle did for International Women’s Day, or a larger event like the Wray & Nephew Sales Conference, the Screenshot Interactive photobooths are perfect for you next event.

We have the sleek full-sized Magic Mirror as well as the Mobile Magic Mirror that gives you all the benefits of the Magic Mirror in one handy-dandy portable-sized package. You can even go the extra mile and get both for your event, depending on the size of your audience. Have one stationed at your booth and the other one roving the venue to capture memories and raise awareness for your brand.


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